I LOVE ranch dressing. I mean, seriously, I put it on salads, pizza, veggies or just by the spoonful. Commercial versions tend to be pretty high in fat (not the good stuff), and carbs but no protein. What’s a girl working on body composition goals watching her waist to do? Come up with a tasty alternative, that’s what! I’ve made attempt to add cottage cheese to my food plan (I HATE/DETEST/DEPLORE the texture of cottage cheese)– I’ve never been able to choke the stuff down even while holding my nose. It makes me gag. Literally.  Not even in lasagna.  Can’t do it.  So whatever gave me the brilliant idea to put a container of the curded stuff into my Vitamix and blend until creamy, I may never know.  I credit meditation with the idea. Nonetheless, that’s what I did and let me tell you, the stuff is magic.  Magic cottage fluff.  I can use it in place of mayo for chicken salad, or in place of heavy cream or cream cheese in buffalo chicken, or sweeten with a little stevia and cinnamon for a decadent fruit dip, or add a scoop of chocolate or vanilla protein powder to it for protein “pudding”.  I mean, I don’t know what all the options are for this stuff yet, but so far, I’m impressed. I digress.  Back to the ranch dressing makeover.  I used 1% low-fat for this experiment.  I’m not sure if the full-fat version would yield the same consistency – that’s an experiment for another day.  Anyway, one this particular day, I decided to see if I could come up with a ranch dressing/dip alternative and I think I found a winner!  Using the 1% cottage cheese, here’s how it compares:

Makeover version: 1/4 cup serving =  40 calories, <1 fat, 2.5g carbs and 6.5g protein.

Name brand version: 1/4 cup serving = 280 calories, 28g fat, 4g carbs and 0 protein.