Stephanie Grant

Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach

Stephanie Grant, CTNC

Why I’m a Certified Nutrition Coach…

I’ve been interested in nutrition as long as I can remember.  In college, when I needed to take a bio-science class, it was Nutrition.  I clepped the class.  I’ve studied and researched various topics in the field for years as a hobby.  Fast forward a few years…my middle child was diagnosed with ADHD in kindergarten.  She was a breech, emergency C-section baby and I’ve always wondered if that had something to do with it.  We started the traditional course of stimulant drugs but as years went by, that eventually led to having to add another drug to counteract the tics she was developing from the stimulants. She had no appetite and she dropped into the 2nd percentile for her height/weight by the time she was 12 years old.  Her ADHD symptoms were “managed” with the drugs, but it seemed we needed to keep adding new and different medications to counteract the effects of the existing meds.  By this time, I decided there had to be another way to treat this – a better way.  I sought out a nutrition professional who began working with us to restrict certain foods from her diet.  We also began adding nutritional supplements to make up for what she was lacking in food.  At the same time, we made the decision to remove 3 of the 4 medications she was taking and to reduce the remaining stimulant to 1/2 of the prescribed dose.  Guess what?  In a matter of six weeks, she gained 12 pounds — she had an appetite again.  She was doing well with the supplements and 1/2 dose of stimulant medication and we left her at that same level for the next five years.  By her sophomore year in high school, she had learned the fundamentals of how to eat to manage her ADHD symptoms; which foods she did well with and which foods she should avoid.  She asked if she could completely go off all medications by the middle of her sophomore year and hasn’t been on them since! She successfully graduated high school in 2015 medicine free.  She is one of the reasons I love the power of good nutrition.

Once Upon A Time…

I WAS the poster child for junk food junkies everywhere.  Seriously.  Not only did I not eat healthy foods, I honestly avoided them.  I got my water from Dr. Pepper, my veggies from potato chips, and my protein from McDonalds.  I didn’t worry (or think I needed to) about my weight and I was rarely sick so what was the problem?

The problem is that our bodies are miraculous but they aren’t impervious to harm.  They can compensate for our abuse for many years but eventually, it does catch up to us.  I suffered with endometriosis in my late teens and early twenties.  Surgeries and Lupron therapy helped me endure the pain but I was told at age 21 if I wanted children, I probably should have them sooner than later because the chances would greatly decrease as the endometriosis progressed.   I had married at 20 and by the time I was 22 after two surgeries and a course of Lupron treatment, I became pregnant and later had my first child.  The good Lord blessed me with two more in the years to follow. Had I not followed such a highly inflammatory diet early on, perhaps those symptoms might have been warded off a bit longer.  By the time I was 30, I was fatigued and tired most of the time.  I’d wake up each day with excruciating pain in my joints, especially in my hands.  I’d been practicing some better eating habits but determined that I’d need to make some major changes if I wanted my body to have any chance of healing and repairing the damage I’d done over so many years.   I began researching intently and started by eliminating gluten and grains (say WHAT??). The staples of my diet to that point had been bread, rice or pasta — at least one of three at practically every meal.  It was a big adjustment and I endured lots of teasing from friends and family for my new lifestyle but you know after 3 or 4 months, I remember waking up one morning and realized I had NO PAIN in my hands.  I was onto something good.  As the months and years followed, I gave up other so called, “staples” — my beloved Dr. Pepper to which I was accustomed to 3 or 4 12 oz cans per day; most dairy and processed foods and yes, even sugar.  I began to realize my health was being restored but not before all those years had taken a toll on my Thyroid.  I’d been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, which we now suspect was Hashimotos all along and for many years received successful treatment with natural desiccated thyroid replacement.  Years of better eating habits and optimal thyroid replacement eventually led to a turnaround and today I live with Grave’s Disease — an autoimmune hyperthyroid for which I take anti-thyroid medication and continue to avoid inflammatory foods.  In the past, I contracted in a Functional Medicine clinic a few days a week, working with the doctors’ patients to learn new strategies for managing their health and I’d love to help you too. Whether it’s through my DIY programs, free guided groups or with one-on-one coaching, I’m here to serve you.  My clients get results and I believe it’s because I’ve been on the other side of the fence and understand the importance of good nutrition in a healthy lifestyle.  If I may serve or assist you on your journey, please feel free to schedule your consultation today.


Happy customers.

“I have lost 10 pounds and 11.75 inches!”

Becky G.


“Hi Stephanie, Roger and I are on day 3.  I have lost 2.4lbs and Roger has lost 1.6”

Keri D.

“Hi Stephanie, Had a great visit with my endocrinologist this week.  My A1C was at 5, so they cut my insulin use by 10 points/units – yay!”

Shanna H.

“I’ve lost 11+ pounds in 6 days…Oh, and I forgot to mention, I haven’t taken my acid reflux medicine in 5 days and have had zero bowel/hemorrhoid issues.”

Terry C.


“When I follow the plan I feel proud of myself.  I feel capable, accomplished and in control.  I feel healthy and happier.”

Joan B.

“I am feeling really good and enjoying the results, which are many, while small, definitely recognizeable for me! Down 17 lbs and 38″ waist is loose when I was wearing a 40″ when I came in.”

Patrick B.