Hey there! Ready to get your health back on track?  I can help!


  • Individual and group nutrition coaching
  • Workshops and Classes Online
  • Do It Yourself plans and programs
  • Monitoring and accountability

Workshop topics

  • Smart Start to Healthy Eating
  • Quick, Simple, Healthy Cooking
  • Troubleshooting weightloss
  • Much More…

 About Me

I may be the picture of health now but that wasn’t always the case. Years of poor food choices took their toll and I wrecked my health and my thyroid. Today, I manage Grave’s Disease by taking care of my body – giving it proper fuel, exercise and rest. Living with an autoimmune disease has allowed me to learn what works and what doesn’t and how to listen to my body. From chronic pain and inflammation to a constant battle with the scale to insomnia and seemingly constant fatigue, I’ve experienced it all and discovered optimal nutrition and movement is the best medicine. Applying empathy to coaching strategies, I teach others how to listen to and fuel and move their bodies so they can feel better too.

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Happy Clients

I have lost 10 pounds and 11.75 inches!


I’ve lost 11+ pounds in 6 days…Oh, and I forgot to mention, I haven’t taken my acid reflux medicine in 5 days and have had zero bowel/hemorrhoid issues.


Hi Stephanie, Roger and I are on day 3.  I have lost 2.4 lbs and Roger has lost 1.6.”


I just wanted to touch base with you.  I have been on the plan for two weeks now.  Lost 13 pounds total.  I know that is really good starting out!


Hi Stephanie, Had a great visit with my endocrinologist this week.  My A1C was at 5 so they cut my insulin use by 10 points/units – yay!


When I follow the plan I feel proud of myself.  I feel capable, accomplished and in control.  I feel healthy and happier.



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